Welcome to IIGB's Galaxy Server!

Galaxy is an open, highly customizable, web-based platform for the analysis of next generation sequence data and many other biological data types. It enables users to run computationally demanding next generation sequencing analysis tasks on powerful server hardware from a graphical web browser-based user interface rather than the Linux command-line. A subset of of application supported by Galaxy is given in the left pane. Much more detailed descriptions of Galaxy's basic functionalities including user tutorials are available here.

Why Local Galaxy Service?
There are many advantages of using a local Galaxy server here at UCR rather than public test instances of Galaxy available on the internet. The most important are: (1) shorter waiting queues for analysis tasks; (2) elimination of time consuming uploads of large data sets; (3) support for analyzing much larger data sets than this is possible on public services; (4) the ability to customize software tools and database collections.

How to Gain Access?
This instance of Galaxy runs on UCR's High-Performace Computing Center (HPCC) infrastructure. As such its usage is covered by the annual registration fee for this infrastructure (see here for details). Users with an active HPCC cluster account can access this Galaxy service using their existing user name and password without any extra cost. New account requests for this service can be sent to support@biocluster.ucr.edu.

Additional Databases and Sofware Tools
Support requests for including additional reference genomes and software tools on IIGB's Galaxy server can be sent to support@biocluster.ucr.edu

Workshops on Galaxy
Past and future UCR workshop events on using Galaxy are listed here; Past, Future. The user manual from previous workshops can be accessed here.

Enter IIGB's Galaxy Service
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